E-Learning Dutch Mortgage Market

Learn about the most relevant subjects of the Dutch Mortgage Market with this complete self-study E-Learning!

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E-Learning Dutch Mortgage Market

E-Learning Dutch Mortgage Market

About this e-learning

We find an increasing number of English-speaking specialists. Many of them specialize in the Risk domain, IT and related fields. They need a basic knowledge of the Dutch Mortgage Market to perform their jobs properly. We offer 10 self-study lectures on the most relevant topics of the Dutch housing and mortgage market.

The program
This E-Learning consists of 10 self-study lectures:

1. The Dutch Mortgage System
2. The Dutch Housing and Mortgage Market
3. Who is Who in the Zoo
4. Introduction to Dutch Mortgage Products
5. Customer Types and Customer Journeys
6. Underwriting and Origination
7. Mortgage Servicing
8. Mortgage Proces Outsourcing
9. Riskmanagement for Dutch Mortgages
10. Introduction to Funding in the Dutch Market

For whom is this E-Learning?
This E-Learning is suitable for English-speaking specialist in the Dutch Mortgage Market. It provides a basic understanding of the structures, processes, risks and parties in the Market.

What you need to know about this E-Learning?
This training consists of 10 self-study lectures. If you have completed the course, you will receive a digital certificate. This e-learning is provided in collaboration with our partner Hypsotech.

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